Duchess of York meets Afghan refugees in Albania


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Duchess of York meets Afghan refugees in Albania

KABUL (Pajhwok): Prince Andrew’s former spouse Sarah Ferguson has met Afghan refugees, including girls, female cyclists, a poet and a judge in Albania.

The Duchess of York, on her Instagram page, shared photos with the Afghan refugees, including a top female judge, and other women leaders in their respective fields.

She also met the all-girls cycling team, doctors, long-serving military mothers, fathers, and children — some of who have been separated from their parents.

In one picture, she held a placard inscribed with the slogan “To the world, Afghan girls matter! They have the right to study!”.

In the caption, Sarah says: “The refugee camp was located at the Kolivari resort in Golem and I was welcomed by an Afghan poet, Mohammad Zaria, with a poem about peace.”

Donning a headscarf, Sara said she felt ‘privileged’ to meet a top female judge and a women’s cycling team who have fled Afghanistan

The Duchess of York met women in Albania fleeing Taliban occupied Afghanistan

She was invited by an emergency relief charity to visit the refugee camp in the Kolivari resort in Golem to meet displaced families and individuals that have fled their country.

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