Covid-19 negatively impacts skin: Health experts

KABUL (Pajhwok): Health experts say articles published on internet pages about the negative effects of the coronavirus on the human skin are correct. They also acknowledge an increase in skin diseases since the outbreak of the virus.

Some foreign websites recently reported the negative effects of the coronavirus on the human skin. Medical experts confirmed the effects, saying the coronavirus affected the entire body, including the skin.

DW Farsi news website published a report titled “From head to toe, which organs are affected by Covid?” Besides other body parts, it also negatively impacts the skin.

The report said: “It looks like the Covid-19 causes serious damage to the skin. Skin changes have been reported in many countries. Purple spots on the skin look like traces of measles, chickenpox or cold sores.”

A new website named “Food and drug administration”, which belongs to the Arak University of Medical Sciences and Health, also published an article titled “effects of coronavirus on the skin.”

The website suggested the coronavirus, directly and indirectly, affected the skin. It said the main symptoms of Covid-19 included respiratory problems, but there was also evidence that the virus also affected the skin and other parts of the body.

Meanwhile, a news website “The World of Economics” also reported: “The first symptom of Covid is noticed on the skin. More than 40 percent of Covid patients currently report skin changes as the first sign of the infection.

“Researchers say a new wave of the coronavirus is attacking vital organs in the body and causing skin infections. Inflammation is one of the first symptoms to appear on the skin.

“Recent studies warned the presence of some symptoms on the nails such as the appearance of a clear line maybe a sign that the person has already had the infection and it should be tested,” it added.

Health experts confirm the reports

Dr. Hashmatullah Faizi, head of quality control and trainer at the Afghan-Japan Covid Hospital in Kabul, told Pajhwok: “Symptoms of the coronavirus are seen on the skin, it gets itchy and large bumps appear on it.”

According to him, most the patients may have this problem. “The coronavirus causes depression and affects the skin. It also causes tired skin lines on the face. Usually, these patients have a fever, loss of appetite, dehydration and skin fatigue,” he remarked.

He told all such patients: “In case of illness, use more fluids, especially water.”

Dr. Mohammad Hashim Wahaj, owner of the Wahaj Private Hospital, said: “Covid affects the skin of everyone as it causes itching, redness on the skin. Sometimes a person infected with the virus develops itches for an hour or two, and occasionally the itching gets better when their body is healed.”

Faridullah Omari, trainer at Antani Hospital, agreed: “Covid-10 affects the entire body system, especially the skin, and causes itching that can damage the skin.”

According to him, after a few months, the skin returns to normal.

Omari said in a message: “People with Covid-19 infection should not use creams and makeup. They should use fruits containing vitamin C, avoid self-medication and consult a doctor.”


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