Afghan Sikhs off to New Delhi with Singh’s ashes

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Afghan Sikhs off to New Delhi with Singh’s ashes

KABUL (Pajhwok): Nearly a dozen Afghan Sikhs are scheduled to arrive in India today (Thursday) with the ashes of a man killed in a recent attack on a temple in Kabul.

Sawinder Singh was killed in a terrorist attack on the gurdwara in Kart-i-Parwan neighbourhood of Kabul on June 19. An Afghan guard was also killed in the Islamic State assault.

The Press Trust of India reported ore than 110 Hindus and Sikhs from Afghanistan had been granted emergency e-visas hours after the attack.

With his family based in New Delhi, Sawinder Singh ran a paan shop in Kabul and lived in the gurdwara.

A representative of the Indian World Forum was quoted as saying that Raqbir Singh, who was wounded in the attack, is also part of the 11-member group.

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