WB resumes work on 3 projects in Afghanistan

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WB resumes work on 3 projects in Afghanistan

KABUL (Pajhwok): The World Bank has resumed work on three projects worth $450 million focused on health, agriculture and livelihoods.

However, WB would maintain a hold on some $150 million for education projects, Reuters reported.

The World Bank put four projects worth $600 million on hold amid concerns over a decision by the caretaker government to ban girls from returning to high schools.

But the bank’s guidance requires all ARTF-financed activities to support access to – and equity of services for – women and girls in Afghanistan, the bank said, citing its deep concerns over the Taliban’s ban on girls attending high school.

As a result, the bank said, the four projects would be presented to ARTF donors for approval only “when the World Bank and international partners have a better understanding of the situation and confidence that the goals of the projects can be met.”

Last week, the World Bank said Afghanistan faced an unprecedented humanitarian crisis.


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