UN delivers 100 tonnes of aid to Afghanistan

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UN delivers 100 tonnes of aid to Afghanistan

KABUL (Pajhwok): The UN has sent  100 metric tonns of aid to Afghanistan from Uzbekistan’s Termez airport, a media report said on Tuesday.

According to the UNHCR Central Asia, the aid collected in the last three days will be trucked into Afghanistan’s Mazar-e-Sharif through the Termez-Hairatan border crossing from Termez Cargo Centre. The core relief supplies are meant to help Afghans prepare for the winter.

“We believe this new route of aid delivery will contribute to global efforts to address the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan and to help millions of people affected by it,” Dumitru Lipcanu, UNHCR deputy representative for Central Asia, had said in an earlier statement.

According to the UN body, more than 3.5 million Afghans are currently internally displaced, including more than half a million since the beginning of the year.


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