Turmeric as Covid remedy has no scientific basis

KABUL (Pajhwok): A number of social media users and internet pages claim the use of turmeric is effective in treating the coronavirus. Medical experts, however, reject the impression and say it has no scientific basis.

Iranian media outlet IRNA reported: “Turmeric is a powerful weapon against Covid-19” and said that new research showed the substances in the herb were effective in the treatment of the disease.

A new study by American scientists suggests mixtures that exist in turmeric can be a therapeutic option.

Previous studies have shown this herb can be used in suppressing bitter memories, relieving intestines and healing wounds. It is said to improve brain’s function by reducing inflammation and improving blood flows.

An internet page called “Ramak” published an article titled “Improve immunity with turmeric milk.”

It said: “We should mention that at the end of this article, we show how to prepare a delicious, healthy and fast drink that helps strengthen your immune system and that of your family, we suggest you not to forget it.”

Facebook user Mahnaz wrote: “The best way to treat the coronavirus is turmeric. If you want to be safe, then use these substances as much as possible to save yourself and your family.”

Expert view on turmeric

Dr. Baz Mohammad Sherzad, former advisor to the Ministry of Public Health, told Pajhwok Afghan News: “All the written views are personal but no international health department has approved the use of turmeric for coronavirus patients.”

He recalled some medical research was conducted in 2020 on turmeric, but it did not find any evidence that the herb had specific health benefits.

Dr. Nabil Pakteen, associate professor, said the effectiveness of turmeric in the treatment of the coronavirus had no scientific basis.

He added a number of people used certain food items, medicines and herbs to treat Covid-19. However, they did not produce the intended effect.

Adequate sleep, proper fluid and food intake, as well as exercise were essential to increase the body’s immunity during Covid, he elaborated.

Meanwhile, Ministry of Public Health spokesman Dr. Javed Hajir said a balanced diet such as vegetables and fruits were recommended for Covid patients. It has been proven effective worldwide.

Responding to a question about turmeric’s effectiveness, he said: “It has no scientific basis and should not be considered a specific food with a substance for treating the virus.”

All food items had their benefits, he said, explaining so far most food containing Vitamins C and E — boosting immunity — had proven to be effective against the pandemic.

He advised people infected with the virus to eat a balanced diet.


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