Omicron BA.2 not confirmed to be dominant variant: Experts

KABUL (Pajhwok): Medical experts deny reports that the Omicron sub-strain (Omicron BA.2) is the most contagious variant of Covid-19 in the world, saying the issue has not been confirmed by the World Health Organization.

Claim: Omicron BA.2 will soon become the dominant Covid-19 variant in the world.

Verdict: Medical experts say that rumors which claim Omicron BA.2 will become the dominant type of Covid-19 in the world are not accurate.


Islamic Republic of Iran Medical Council (IRIMC), an Iranian medical institute, has published an article on its website which is titled “Omicron sub-strain BA.2 becomes the dominant Covid-19 variant in the world”.

A part of the article says, “A senior World Health Organization official says the Omicron sub-strain, which is named Omicron BA.2, will soon become the dominant variant of Covid-19 in the world, and will take the form of most contagious strain of the coronavirus.”

Meanwhile, an article published by Radio Farda titled “World Health Organization: A sub-strain of Omicron identified in 57 countries.” The article reads, “WHO says this form of the virus is more contagious than the original form of Covid-19, it now affects 57 countries.”

An Iranian news agency, Tasnim News Agency, in a report titled “World Health Organization: Omicron sub-strain will soon dominate the world” reported that a senior WHO official said that Omicron sub-variant, called Omicron BA.2, will soon become the main Covid-19 variant in the world.

The article is also published by Facebook and Twitter users.

What is the reality?

Dr. HeshmatFaizi, in charge of the emergency ward at Afghan-Japan Hospital, talking to Pajhwok, said, “It has not been approved by the World Health Organization that the Omicron BA.2 is now rapidly spreading, I can say that no anything regarding the issue has so far published by WHO.”

He said, “Covid-19 virus is an RNA-type virus that can undergo genetic modification, and we may see new types of Covid-19 in the future,” he said.

“These statements cannot be very accurate because no one can forecast a virus until it shapes a new wave,” he said.

Faizi said that the speed of spreading and transmission of the virus in the body of patients is extremely high which depends on the type of patients, but the virus is not severe for health.

NoorulhaqYousufzai, an internal medicine specialist, told Pajhwok that Omicron is 20 times more active than Delta variant of Covid-19 in terms of activity and transmission, and has a higher transmission rate.

“Fortunately, this type of the virus is relatively weak in terms of its ability to affect the patient, the virus spreads rapidly but its symptoms are mild,” he said.

He said the cases of hospitalization among Omicron patients were less compared to the past.

Pajhwok also tried to contact WHO and the Ministry of Public Health for their comments on the issue, but no one responded.


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