Kabul residents want growing coal price reduced  

KABUL (Pajhwok): The residents of the capital Kabul have complained against the growing price of coal and asked the government to ensure its availability at a reasonable price so they can buy the coal for household use.

The surge in the import of coal to Pakistan, its growing international price, and other reasons collectively played role in taking the coal price to a new high.

Coal price in Kabul

Abdul Hakim, a coal seller in the Shaheed Square area of Kabul City, said last month the price of one-tonne high-quality coal was 9,000 afs but currently its rate surged to 15,000 afs.

In the international market, the price of one tonne of coal was $157 early this year but currently, one tonne of coal was sold for $417 showing a 2.5 times surge from early this year’s price.

This comes according to coal sellers, demands for coal go up in November and December when people come out and purchase coal to heat up their rooms in the winter.

Some individuals dealing with the coal business said there was fear the prices of coal may surge on the eve of winter.

Amanullah, the resident of Qambar Square in Kabul, said this year the price of one tonne of coal had surged to 16,500 afs while last year the price of one tonne of coal was 10,000 afs at this stage.

He said: “People are not sound economical, they don’t have money, last year we have had a lot of customers, but this year there are fewer customers because the price of coal had surged.”

Syed Habibullah, a resident of Kabul’s Afshar area, complained about the surge in the price of coal and said they had no money to buy coal.

“I work on Zaranj to earn livelihood for my family, I cannot earn a lot of money to buy coal at this high rate. I can’t afford to buy them now and its price could surge on the eve of winter more. Firewood are reasonable but 160 kilograms of firewood is equal to 80 kilograms of coal when it comes to its price.”

He said: “Coal is going to Pakistan and the Islamic Emirate is doing its business, government should pay attention to the needs of its people to ensure they are in comfort.”

This matter was shared with the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum but they did not respond.


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