Iran concerned at insecurity in Afghanistan

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Iran concerned at insecurity in Afghanistan

KABUL (Pajhwok): Iran’s special envoy his country has concerns about the situation in Afghanistan, specially the continuation of instability.

Hassan Kazemi Qomi, who visited Kabul last week, feared instability in Afghanistan could quickly spread to neighboring countries, including Iran..

IRNA quoted him as saying some countries were out to launch a proxy war in Afghanistan in the guise of combating terrorism. However, he did not name any nation.

About the recognition of the Taliban government, the special envoy said: “Iran respects the wishes of the Afghan people.”

He said insecurity could impinge on economic, political, international and cultural cooperation between the neighbours.

“Iran, along with other neighbours, has repeatedly called for an inclusive government through popular vote,” the diplomat stressed.

Instability had triggered the influx of large numbers of Afghans into Iran, which had difficulty accepting more refugees due to sanctions and economic hardship, he explained.

Qomi noted with concern the gradual rise to power of the terrorist group ISIS. The US transferred Daesh fighters from Syria and Iraq to Afghanistan, he alleged.

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