Flour, cooking oil, gold rates down in Kabul

KABUL (Pajhwok): The prices of Kazakh flour, Malaysian cooking oil and Arabic gold has declined while essential raw materials rates remained unchanged during the outgoing week in Kabul markets, according market sources on Saturday.

Zmari Safi, Head of the Food Traders Association in Kabul, said today (Saturday) the whole sale prices of 49-kilogram of Kazakh Flour declined from 2,600 afs to 2,450 afs, 16-litre of Malaysian cooking oil rate declined from 2,100 afs to 1,950 afs.

He said the prices of flour and cooking oil have declined in the markets of exporting countries too.

He, however, said the rates of some items remained steady as of last week, these items included—- 24.5-kilogram of Pakistani rice 3,000 afs, 49-kilograms of Indian sugar 3,300 afs, one kilogram of black African tea 400 afs and one kilogram of green Indonesian tea 350 afs.

The retail price of some commodities had little difference while some had large difference.

Hamid Sufizada, one of the retailers at Dahni Bagh area of Kabul, said the retail price of 49-kilogram of Kazakh flour was 2,500 afs, 24-kilogram of Pakistanis rice 3,050 afs, 49-kilogram of Indian Sugar 3,350 afs, 16-litre of Malaysian cooking oil 2,000 afs, one kilogram of Indonesian green tea 400 afs, and one kilogram of black African tea 450 afs.

Gold price declines

Mohammad Javid, one of the jewelry sellers in Lacyee Maryam market, said the price of one gram of Arabic gold Ayaar 750 declined from 4,200 afs to 4,100 afs and one gram of Russian gold Ayaar 585 remained steady at 3,300 afs same as last week.

Price of petroleum products remained unchanged.

Also, Mohammad Sharif, one of the gas sellers in Kabul Kulola Poshta area, said that today, like seven days ago, one kilogram of liquid gas accounted for 68 Afs.

One of the employees of “Ahmadyar Group” Pump Station said that today, like seven days ago, the price of one liter of diesel is 104 afs and one liter of petrol is 84 afs.

Currency rate

Haji Sadaqat, head of the Sadaqat money exchange at Shahzada Market, said one dollar was accounted for 88.40 afs while 1,000 Pakistani accounted for 380 afs.

Last week, one dollar was accounted for 88 afs while 1,000 Pakistani rupees accounted for 390 afs.


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