Diabetic patients after Covid-19 recovery must get treatment for weeks

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Diabetic patients after Covid-19 recovery must get treatment for weeks

KABUL (Pajhwok): Physicians says patients with diabetes should be under treatment for several weeks after being infected with coronavirus because the disease can raise their blood sugar.

Dr. HashmatullahFaizi, in charge of quality control and trainer at the Afghan-Japan hospital, told Pajhwok Afghan News that people suffering from diabetes or heart diseases when contract Covid-19 their blood sugar level and heart problem increase.

He added statistics recorded in their hospital showed that patients with diabetes, when infected with Covid-19, their blood sugar levels increase and remain high for several weeks because the body of the person becomes weak and the immunity decreases as well.

“Diabetes is a disease on which immunity has a great effect and if the immune system is low, blood sugar rises and becomes uncontrollable,” he added.

He said if a diabetic person recovered from Covid-19, still it would take several weeks for the person to be under treatment.

Meanwhile, Dr Faridullah Omari, a trainer and specialist at Antani Hospital, told Pajhwok: “Covid-19 disease not only affects respiratory system, but also the whole system of the body, including heart and digestive system.”

He added the virus had negative impact on individuals suffering from diabetes and their sugar level became very high and even uncontrollable.

He explained: “When a person gets infected with Covid-19, the virus also reaches his/her pancreas as it produces insulin and insulin lowers blood sugar… and as a result the blood sugar level rises.”

Dr. Omari added Covid-19 patients also develop mental and emotional pressure and as a result of fear and mental pressure, hormones develop anti-insulin effects. He added the certain hormones caused blood sugar to rise in a person.

He said research showed the rise of diabetes was not permanent after contracting the virus and it returned to normal within a few weeks, but only if the person was under treatment of a doctor.

He also advised diabetes patients to use their medicine under the supervision of a doctor and have a regular diet until the condition returns to normal.

Meanwhile, Dr. Mohammad BasirKhabri, an internal medicine specialist at Mazar-i-Sharif Covid-19 hospital, told Pajhwok that diabetes affected all the internal organs of the human body.

He added diabetic persons after being infected with the virus their diabetes level surges and if they did not pay attention, it would get out of control.

He also advised patients to be under treatment and follow a regular diet so their sugar level did not become uncontrollable.


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