Daqiq: Trying to set up company that benefits Baitul Mall

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Daqiq: Trying to set up company that benefits Baitul Mall

KABUL (Pajhwok): Sultan Masood Daqiq, an Afghan with international experience in humanitarian and development projects, has said he is trying to set up a company in Afghanistan that would give more profits to the Baitul Mall.

Daqiq , who arrived in Kabul from Germany 10 days ago after 38 years,  today met with Nooruddin Azizi, deputy Acting Minister of Industry and Trade.

During the meeting, Azizi said that industry is new in Afghanistan and investing in this country can have good results because no work has been done here.

He urged Daqiq to bring his capital to the country and encourage other investors abroad to invest in Afghanistan.

He added that there is no problem for investment in the country and the government supports and facilitates all investors.

During the meeting, Sultan Massoud Daqiq said that the long war in Afghanistan has damaged the country’s economy.

He says investing in developing countries needs security and that now that there is an opportunity to invest in Afghanistan, he will present a picture to the European media.


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