Covid can cause premature childbirth: Experts

KABUL (Pajhwok): Medical experts endorse the idea that Covid-19 can cause premature childbirth, urging pregnant women to do all they can to avoid contracting the deadly disease.

An internet page — Azmeshgah-i-Mundal — carried an article titled Covid-19 Causes Early Childbirth. New research by the Yonsei University in Seoul revealed the Covid-19 infection during pregnancy had little impact to cause miscarriage, but the virus could still lead to early childbirth, the study said.

It claimed research conducted on newborn babies and expecting mothers showed there was a possibility of the fetus getting infected due to different health issues after birth.

The article estimated of 185 childbirth cases, 163 were premature and 22 normal. Among 201 mothers, 85 refer to hospital when they have higher temperature while 61 have dry cough.

Another article on the IRNA website –headlined Covid-19 causes early childbirth — says research conducted by gynecologists reveals pregnant coronavirus patients could give premature birth to babies.

In serious cases, where the mother’s condition is deteriorating, the virus could trigger premature labour, according to the study.

Due to the serious condition of the affected mother, the doctor has to induce at times early labour.

The Jamhur-i-Islami Iran website released an article titled “60 percent increase in risk of premature birth in pregnant women infected with Covid.”

The article reads: “The outcome of a new study shows contracting the coronavirus during pregnancy can increase risk of premature childbirth by 60 percent.”

The website wrote researchers at the Universities of California and San Francisco found that pregnant women suffering from Covid-19 were likely to give birth to their babies before completing the 37th week of pregnancy.

The researchers found some pregnant women gave birth to babies even before 32 weeks.

Health experts: Covid causes abortion or premature birth

Dr. Faridullah Omari, a trainer and specialist at Antani Hospital, said women having low immunity could experience abortion or early childbirth because of the coronavirus.

He recommended the pregnant women strictly follow health guidelines such as wearing masks, frequently washing hands, avoiding participation in large gatherings and observing social distancing.

Dr. Omari urged pregnant women to include fruits, vegetables and other nutrients to their diet.

Dr. Mohammad Basir Khabir, an internal medicine specialist at the Mazar-i-Sharif Hospital, told Pajhwok Covid was categorised as mild, moderate, severe and critical.

According to him, the immune system of woman’s body weakened during pregnancy, because the fetus feeds on her blood. As a result, it can cause lack of vitamins, especially anemia and premature birth.

Dr. Hashmatullah Faizi, in charge of quality control and trainer at the Afghan-Japan Hospital, agreed pregnant women suffering from Conid-19 were at risk of giving premature childbirth.

He explained the virus undermined the immune system in pregnant women, something that results in miscarriage and premature birth.

“When a pregnant woman has symptoms of Covid, she must go to her doctor for treatment,” Dr. Faizi stressed.

According to him, all Covid patients, including pregnant women, should take more liquids and rest.


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