Camel blood efficacy in Covid treatment called a rumour

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Camel blood efficacy in Covid treatment called a rumour

KABUL (Pajhwok): Medical experts have rejected articles published on internet pages and social media about the treatment of Covid-19 with the blood of humpless camels, saying such claims have no scientific basis.

The Young Journalists Club website released an article titled “Treatment of the coronavirus with the blood of humpless camel.”

The article reads: “British scientists have recently been able to find antibodies in the blood of camel and it can neutralise the coronavirus.”

The Tasnim News Agency website also published an article headlined “Belgian researchers claim humpless camel’s blood has an impact on the treatment of coronavirus.”

The Iranian media outlet said: “Belgian scientists have claimed that the antibodies in camel blood can be used in the vaccine for the coronavirus.”

It added researchers at the Biotechnological Institute in Belgium had reported that the antibodies in camel blood could be effective as treatment for the pandemic.

Similarly, the Islamic Republic News Agency said: “Antibodies in the blood of camel neutralise the coronavirus.”

IRNA wrote: “The outcome of a research (study) shows antibodies received from the blood of a type of camel without a hump and can prevent the virus and may be used as a remedy for patients with severe symptoms.”

Mehnaz, a Facebook user, wrote: “It is said the blood of humpless camel is effective for Covid patients, thank you for making us benefit from your experiences.

But health experts say treatment of Covid with the blood of camel has not been proven.

Dr. Faridullah Omari, a trainer and specialist at Antani Hospital, said: “Some research studies suggest the effectiveness of antibodies in camel blood for Covid patients. Work is underway on the ise of these antibodies in vaccines and medicines.”

He called the claim about camel blood’s effectiveness mere hypothesis because it was impossible to manufacture medicine including the so-called antibodies. Such clams had no scientific basis, he insisted.

All the animals had antibodies in their blood and were able to resist most viruses, bacteria and parasites, Dr. Omari explained. The blood of a humpless camel can also be useful, but its effectiveness has not been proven yet.

Dr. Baz Mohammad Sherzad said: “All news in this regard is not fact-based. No research has been conducted by international organisations and reports regarding the camel blood are also just rumours.”

He urged people not to pay attention to rumours making rounds on social media and internet pages and follow health guidelines instead.


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