‘Betadine solution to be effective for Covid-19 has no scientific basis’

KABUL (Pajhwok): A number of residents of capital Kabul and social media users say that betadine drops mixed with water is helpful in preventing and treating Covid-19, while medical experts term it as a rumor and without scientific basis.

What is betadine?

Doctors say that betadine nasal and sinus spray is a medicine used to treat and prevent the symptoms of sinusitis, which is used to relieve nasal congestion, prevent shortness of breath and regenerate the nasal mucosa, and prevent allergens and stop dangerous particles from entering the respiratory system.

Articles about betadine that have no scientific basis

Pharmafori, a website which published an article titled “Prevention of Covid-19 with Ectoine.

The article says that inside of the nose is moisturized with Ectoine (betadine) spray once in every few hours, it would help lower the chance of being infected with diseases that affects respiratory system such as Covid-19. The source said that research about the treatment of Covid-19 with Ectoine was still underway.

A Facebook user named “LilitehLegault” has recommended the use of betadine dropswith a mixture of clean boiled water drops for treatment of the virus.

In a Facebook post, he said that the use of betadine drops and water for the treatment and prevention of Covid-19 was recommended by prominent doctors in the world.

He said that infected people should wash their nose and throat several times a day with one drop of betadine and 10 drops of clean boiled water.

Meanwhile, another Facebook user (ح خالی از خلل) in a post said, “I always poured a few drops of betadine and some washing liquid on my hands and for a few minutes, thank God, I survived…”

Anisa, a Kabul resident, said her sister was infected with Covid-19 about a month ago, but one of her friends recommended a drop of betadine and water drops for her which was very helpful.

“We would prepare betadine drops with a mix of water for her three or four times a day in a week, she would gargle it and she was fully recovered on day 10th,” she said.

QaisMohammadi, a pharmacist in KhairKhana area of Kabul, told Pajhwok that betadine, naphazoline and rinosaltin drops are some of the nasal drops used for treatment of allergies.

He said that some people are sensitive to dust, smoke and some other factors as a result of which they encounter nasal congestion, sneezing and shortness of breath, but the drops of the mentioned medicines reduce the problems.

He said the drops are also recommended for people with dry nose, itchy nose, and stuffy nose.

However, medical experts say that betadine has no effect easing Covid-19.

Dr. EbadullahEbad, in charge of disease prevention department in Afghan-Japan Hospital in Kabul, told Pajhwok that people should not listen to such rumors as medical scientists yet to be able to make a medicine to cure Covid-19.

Referring to the use of self-medication, he said that there is no drug without side effects and some people may show serious reaction to arbitrary drug use.

He asked people not to use any medicine without a doctor’s guidance.

Ministry of Public Health urges people to stop self-medication.

Dr. JavidHajir, a spokesman for the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH), said that Covid-19 treatment has its own medicine and diet, and betadine drops have not been recommended by any health institution.

He asked people to avoid self-medications for Covid-19 patients and to consult a doctor for the treatment of the disease.

Mohammad Rafi Qayyumi, a pharmacist in Taimani area of Kabul, also said that betadine drops are recommended for people with allergies.

He said that after the start of the fourth wave of Covid-19 in Afghanistan, there were rumors that the drop was useful for the treatment of the disease and he was selling 10 bottles of the drop a day.

He added that he knew the medicine was not effective for treatment of the virus and people used it based on rumors, he was not recommending it to people.

Qayyumi said that the price of a bottle of betadine drops in the market is 70 afghanis.


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