Avoid false beliefs about protection from Covid-19: Experts

FEROZKOH (Pajhwok): Residents of western Ghor province believe that taking a hot bath can eliminate the coronavirus, but health experts reject it and recommend the people to seriously follow health guidelines.

Also, some people believe that young people get infected with Covid-19 less than the elderly people.

After emerging in the Wuhan city of China, the COVID-19 virus has spread around the globe. Hundreds of millions of people have been infected with Covid-19 and more than 6.3 million have died globally.

The first positive case of the virus in Afghanistan was detected in western Herat province in February 2020. Then the disease spread across the country.

Millions of people were infected and hundreds of thousands killed following the spread of the coronavirus worldwide, including in Afghanistan.

Two months ago, according to the Ministry of Public Health, a total of 197,000 positive cases have been registered countrywide since the coronavirus outbreak. At least 162,202 people have recovered, with 7,600 losing their lives.

However, some citizens of the country totally ignore the deadly virus, some use herbal medicines and others use home-made remedies.

Ghoris: taking warm bath eliminates the virus

Zulaikha, 22, a resident of Ferozkoh, told Pajhwok Afghan News that most of the people in their area believed that a very hot bath could destroy the virus.

She said after the spread of the Covid-19, she and her family members were taking bath twice a day with hot water and so far none of their family member had contracted this disease.

Meanwhile, Fazal Ahmad Jamshidi, a resident of Pasaband district of Ghor, said: “taking a shower with warm water prevents Coronavirus. Although I got infected with the virus twice this month, every time I got infected I took shower several times a day and as a result I recovered quickly.”

He said he had also advised his friends and relatives to take a bath with warm water and protect themselves against the disease.

Youth do not contract Covid-19

Suhrab Ali, a resident of Ferozkoh, said: “Young people do not get infected with the virus because they have strong immunity.”

Suhrab, who did not used a mask since the outbreak of the virus, said he always purchased masks for his mother, father and grandfather so they could use them in gatherings.

Fatima, a teacher in one of the private schools, said: “Mostly weak and elderly people get infected with Covid because their immunity is weak while the youth have high resistance.”

She refrained from wearing mask and said most Covid-19 infected persons in her village were elderly men and women.

Hot weather eradicates Covid-19

Jameela, a resident of Ferozkoh, said most Ghor residents believed Covid-19 virus could not live in hot places.

She said: “We keep ourselves warm, eat food and drink liquid that generate heat to ensure our safety from Covid-19 virus.”

Mohammad Khesro, another resident of Lal Wa Sar Jangal district, also believed that hot weather eradicated Covid-19 virus.

He said: “We keep ourselves warm in spring and winterand eat hot food and drink hot liquids.”

These beliefs have no scientific basis: Experts

Mohammad Sharif Qazizada, a physician in Ghor, told Pajhwok Afghan News weather had no impact on Covid-19 virus and people of every age could get infected.

“This is a wrong belief that Covid-19 virus attacks only elderlt persons and other people are secure. Covid-19 virus attacks every person from youth to old.”

He added: “Many people believe that hot weather or using hot water protects from Covid-19, this is a wrong belief. Covid-19 has its impact in all weather conditions hot or cold.”

Abdul Ahmad Noori, another physician, said Covid-19 virus had no exception and it attacks every individual who ignores health guidelines.

He said: “It is not scientifically proven that Covid-19 has no impact on children and youth. Its symptoms are seen in youth and children but their immunity system is so strong and its impact is not that much severe among them.”

He said taking bath with hot water for the sake of safety from Covid-19 had no scientific basis and it was a wrong belief.

Both experts stressed people should not believe in baseless rumors and instead adhere to health guidelines.


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