Apple cider vinegar efficiency in treating Covid not yet proven

KABUL (Pajhwok): People say apple cider vinegar is effective in treating Covid-19, while medical experts say the vinegar does not cure coronavirus and ask the people to do not believe in rumors.

Rumors: apple cider vinegar is effective in treating coronavirus.

Sada-wa-Sema published an article on its official website titled “Effectiveness of Vinegar on coronavirus”.

Readers of this article have different views about the importance of vinegar on Covid-19.

Mohammad Hussain, one of the readers, wrote that apple cider vinegar is really effective in treating coronavirus.

Another person named Mujtaba wrote: “Apple cider vinegar works like a miracle on coronavirus.”

According to him, he and his mother contracted the virus, but by drinking apple cider vinegar and water they recovered.

In a video clip posted on a Youtube page named “Aparat”, a person says that his mother contracted the virus and was being cared at home. He added that he had heard that apple cider vinegar was useful.

“We mixed two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with four tablespoons of water and steamed it, inhaled it two to three times a day, and two weeks later we recovered from the virus,” he explained.

Shema Nazari, a resident of Kabul, told Pajhwok she had recently suffered from coronavirus and had a high fever and cough.

She said: “My mother told my brother to bring apple cider vinegar from the market so my brother brought it and I used its steam three times a day, after a week I was completely fine.”

She said she recommended the use of apple cider vinegar to other patients, which had a positive effect.

Medical experts: People should not believe in rumors as no medicine has been developed so far for coronavirus.

Dr. Ebadullah Ebad, a doctor at the Afghan-Japan hospital, told Pajhwok: “These are all rumors and no investigation has been conducted in this regard so far.”

He said he could not confirm the effectiveness of vinegar in treating coronavirus, he urged people not to use any medication without doctor’s guidance.

Dr. Hashmatullah Faizi, ICU professional at the Afghan-Japan Hospital, said: “So far no particular journal has confirmed that vinegar can directly cure coronavirus, but indirectly, vinegar can increase the body’s immunity.”

He said the vinegar was anti-inflammatory in nature and in the treatment of Covid-19, one of the treatment methods was to reduce inflammation in the patient’s body.

He said the benefit of vinegar was that it has an effect on the body’s immune system which strengthens it and could have indirect effect on the coronavirus, but it had no direct effect and not approved by any institution.

Hashmat emphasized that citizens of the country should use fruits and vegetables and not believe the rumors.

The National Institute of Health Research of Iran in an article said that according to research and available reports, diluted apple cider vinegar is not strong enough to kill the coronavirus.

Pajhwok tried to get comment of the Ministry of Public Health on the issue, but failed.


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