Afghan diplomatic missions slam Pakistani raids

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Afghan diplomatic missions slam Pakistani raids

KABUL (Pajhwok): Afghanistan’s diplomatic missions in India have vehemently denounced Pakistan’s alleged raids inside Afghanistan as a violation of the country’s territorial integrity.

The UN Security Council should look into airstrikes, the latest in a consistent pattern of such incidents, the diplomatic missions said in a statement tweeted by Afghan Ambassador Farid Mamundzay.

The Press Trust of India reported the statement, which stressed the need for decisive measures by the UNSC and the international community to effectively address the issue.

“The diplomatic missions condemn in strongest terms the bombardment of Afghanistan’s territory by the military forces of Pakistan on April 16,” the statement added.

It continued: “The attack represents a clear and grave violation and breach of Afghanistan’s territorial integrity, international law, human rights law and other principles of the UN Charter.”

On several occasions, the statement said, the Afghan government had informed the UN Security Council of such aggression.

Afghanistan’s diplomatic missions and people remained firmly committed to upholding the country’s sovereignty, territorial integrity and national values, the statement said.

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