15 people killed, 4 injured in Afghanistan last week

KABUL (Pajhwok): Nineteen people were killed and injured in Afghanistan last week, while views expressed by different countries and International Organization regarding Afghanistan showed that the country was still under their focuse.

Major developments

Afghanistan should not be forgotten: OSCE
Current Afghan government moving in wrong direction: Germany
Different sources have stressed over girls education and women’s rights in Afghanistan
India and Iran stressed over inclusive government and continuation of aid with the people of Afghanistan
Central Asia States vowed joined efforts for the resolution of problems in Afghanistan
India close to the resumption of its diplomatic presence in Afghanistan
Three officials of the past government returned to Afghanistan
World Bank approved three projects worth $793 millions for Afghanistan
Humand Rights Watch expressed concern over women and girls rights in Afghanistan
Fifteen people were killed and four others injured in Afghanistan last week.


Last week, 15 people were killed and four others injured in Afghanistan last week.

According to reports one civilian, five security personnel were killed and another civilian was injured in a roadside blast in Kandahar province last week. The landmine was planted in the past. A man was also killed as a result of a blast in Kunduz province.

According to local sources, unknown gunmen killed two persons in Baghlan and Kunduz provinces while bodies of three persons recovered in Baghlan last week.

Reports showed, Pakistani forces shot dead a man in Ango Ada area when the slain person wanter to cross the Durand Line into Pakistan.

One person was killed and another injured as a result of violent dispute between two families in Uruzgan province.

In Nangahrar, security forces killed one person over alleged robbery and injured two others.

According to weekly Pajhwok reports, last week six people were killed and four others injured in Afghanistan.

This comes that before August 15, last year hundreds of people were killed and injured in Afghanistan weekly.

Foreign meetings on Afghanistan

The Organisation for Security and Co-opearation in Eeurope (OSCE) last week discussed situation in Afghanistan and its impact on the region. The meeting said Afghansitan should not be forgotten.

Afghanistan’s Parmanent Representative at OSCE Manizha Bakhtari expressed deep concern over the acting government’s policy of not honoring the basic freedom of girls and women. But acting Afghan government said women and girls rights were not violated.

Reports showed that US Special Representative for Afghanistan Thomas West held meeting with United Arab Foreign Minister Ahmad Ali Shaikh and discussed latest humanitarian situation and Afghan girls education. UAE foreign minister pledged support to Afghanistanin the area of health, humaniatian aid and food supply.

German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock during a press briefing in Islamabad said current Afghan government was moving in the wrong direction and would not be recognized untill it change its postion.

“The international community must stand united and tell the Taliban loud and clear that you are heading in the wrong direction. And as long as they go down this path, there is no room for normalisation and even recognition of Taliban as legitimate rulers,” Baerbock asserted.

Qatar Foreign Minister Shaikh Mohammad Bin Al Sani met US Foreign Secretary Antony Blinken in Washington and discussed political, economic situation, girls’ education and women rights in Afghanistan.

Indian and Iranian foreign ministers during a meeting in New Dehli termed vital the formation of inclusive government in Afghanistan and stressed over support to Afghansitan in tought economic situation.

Similarly, China, Uzbekistan, Kazakistan, Kysgisystan and Turkministan foreign ministers during a meeting in Kazakistan termed peace in Afghansitan vital for regional peace and demanded joint efforts by Central Asian Countries to help resolve problems in Afghanistan.

 Foreign officials meetings in Afghanistan

UN Secretery General Special Rpresentatives for Afghansitan Deborha Lyons during a meeting with acting Foreign Minister Ameer Khan Muttaqi said that UNAMA and US did not wanted to weaken banking sector in Afghansitan and stressed negotiated settlement of current issues faced by the banking sector in Afghanistan.

Qater Ameer’s National Security Advisor Mohammad Bin Ahmad Almosnad during a meeting with Foreign Minister Muttaqi said that Afghansitan was Qatat’s strategic partner and pledged strengthening of biletral ties which has strong history.

India diplomatic mission

Last week, Indian media reported that Indian was closed to take decision regarding resumption of its diplomatic mission in Afghanistan. This comes that last week a delegation of India foreign ministery arrived in Afghanistan.

During the visit the delegation visited indian development projects and met officials of the acting Afghan government.

Past government officials return

Last week, some officialsof the past government — former state minister Ghulam Farooq Wardak, former defence ministry spokesperson Dawlat Waziri, Former Da Afghanistan Breshna Shirkat Director Amanullah Ghalib — returned to Afghanistan from foreign countries.

These individuals had returned as a result of the Recociliatory Commission efforts.

Women’s protests

After the fall of the past government in August 15, last year, most government employees had not been recalled to their jobs.

Last week a group of women employees from the IACSC have raised objection and said acting government officials have not reached final decions regarding the work of women in government insitutions despite the fact that officials had promised to take decision in this regard.

Government officials, however, said efforts were being made to provide job to all throught different resources to help resolve the problems of people, including owmen. They said currently women employees received their salaries at their homes.

 Human Rights Watch

Last week, Human Rights Watch (HRW) expressed concern over rights violation specially women and girls in Afghansitan ans stressed over more international community’s pressure on current acting Afghan govnerment.

Women rights in-charge of the HRW said the international community should get united in telling the Taliban that they would defend Afghan women and girls rights in the right manner.

But Afghan government rejected HRW claims regarding the killing and rights violation of innocent people.

Continautin of Aid

Last week, Saudi Arabia provided $30 million to the Afghansitan Trust Fund which was warmly welcomed by the Acting Afghan government.

Last week, China provided 24-kilograms of rice every family in Afghanistan. A total of 750 families were provided with the aid.

In addition, the World Bank and the Afghanistan Reconstructin Fund approved three projects for Afghansitan that worth $793 million.


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