10 people killed and injured in Afghanistan last week

KABUL (Pajhwok): Last week, some countreis stressed the need to maintain coridial ties with Afghanistan while casualty figures droped to lowest as compared to the figures in the past 16 weeks.

Qatar and Pakistan stress global interaction with Afghanistan
Turkey: Our ties with Afghanistan on positive trajectory
India: We want good relations with Afghanistan.
Afghanistan Defence Minister: Want defence cooperation with India
US special envoy for Afghanistan travels to different countries
US: We don’t support any armed resistance in Afghanistan
Iran, Tajikistan emphasize inclusive government in Afghanistan
Deputy Prime Minister of Afghanistan: Govt doen’t want monopoly of power
Six people killed and four wounded in Afghanistan last week


Six people were killed and four others wounded in Afghanistan last week, excluding casualities from natural disasters.

Accoridng to reports, unidentified gunmen shot dead one person each in Kunduz and Daikundi provinces. Two others lost their lives and a third was wounded due to the explosion of an unexploded shell in Kunduz province.

Meanwhile, two people were wounded in Kabul due to a landmine explosion while one individual was mysteriously killed in Ghor province.

Local sources said unidentified gunmen killed one person in Farah and injured his son.

The week before last week, 21 people were killed and 38 others injured.

Before the regime change last year, hundreds of people would get killed and injured on a weekly basis in Afghanistan.

Engagement with Afghan government

Last week, Qatar urged western countries’ officials to engage with the caretaker government of Afghanistan in order to prevent the crisis.

Meanwhile, Pakistani Prime Minister said global interaction with the caretaker government of Afghanistan is not a choice but a necessity.

Last week, Turkish Ambassador to Afghanistan Cihad Erginay said that relations between Afghanistan and Turkey were moving in a positive direction, and work was underway to expand and attract Turkish businessmen to invest in Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, Kazakhstan President JumaratTokayev in a meeting with Deborah Lyons, the US special envoy for Afghanistan and head of UNAMA, said working with the international community to bring stability to Afghanistan.

Acting Minister for Foreign Affairs Mualvi Amir Khan Muttaqi met with GP Singh, Joint Secretary, Ministry of External Affairs of India and his accompanying delegation.

The Indian delegation said that they wanted good relations with Afghanistan as before and would continue their assistance.

Earlier, the government of India said that it was considering the reopening of its embassy in Afghanistan.

Acting Foreign Minister Amir Khan Muttaqi has said that the incumbent Afghan government’s relationship with other nations is improving with each passing day, according to a statement on Friday.

Indian media reported that acting Afghan Defence Minister Mullah Mohammad Yaqoub had said that after the establishment of diplomatic ties with India, they wanted defence cooperation with New Delhi as well.

Meanwhile, Iranian and Tajikistan presidents during their meeting in Tehran stressed on the formation of an inclusive government in Afghanistan.

According to reports, US Special Representative for Afghanistan Thomas West has held meetings with Afghan politicians, officials of the past government, businesspersons, women representatives and media persons in Uzbekistan and Turkey. During the meetings, they stressed political solution and agreed that violence could not bring stability to Afghanistan.

US does not support armed resistance in Afghanistan

Donald Lu, US assistant secretary of state for the Bureau of South and Central Asian Affairs, ruled out armed support to any group in Afghanistan.

He urged the caretaker Afghan government to respect women’s right to education and work and form an inclusive government.

Government not seeking monopoly of power: Mullah Baradar

Acting deputy Prime Minister Mullah Abdul GhaniBaradar has said Afghanistan is the home of all Afghans and the Islamic Emirate stance is very clear that it does not seek monopoly of power.

Concerns over women, human rights

European Union (EU) and Central Asian countries’ special representatives held a meeting on the situation in Afghanistan and their common approach. The participants expressed concern over human rights situation in Afghanistan.

Similarly, Human Rights Watch and 24 more rights watchdogs sent a joint letter to the UN to address human rights situation in Afghanistan after a special meeting.

Support to Hijab but objection over growing curbs

Last week, women held meetings in Balkh and Badakhshan provinces in support of compliance to hijab and called it an Islamic order.

In Faryab, some women during a rally supported the hijab decree and asked officials to reopen girls secondary and high schools.

Some women held a rally in capital Kabul and expressed concern over poverty and deteriorated economic situation in the country. They pledged to continue their protest until their demands are met.

They demanded that Islamic Emirate should lift all curbs on women and demanded prompt opening of girls’ schools.

UN Special Rapporteur for Afghanistan Richard Benette said that efforts were being made in Afghanistan to isolate Afghan women and girls in the Afghan society.

Continuation of Aid

Last week $64 million arrived in Afghanistan as part of humanitarian aid. Da Afghanistan Bank said in the past eight months $889.6 million cash arrived in Afghanistan.


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